SSI 78: Behind the Scenes Balloonerang Launch

Balloonerang ended 2018 with its first ever tethered balloon launch.
On the morning of December 2, 2018, the team woke up bright and early to test a quarter’s worth of progress.
The team prepares for launch by taking their respective stations.

To see how we prepared for this launch, check out our behind the scenes video here:

This launch featured a new and improved 3D-printed payload design, as well as a beautifully fabricated board and improved code.
The payload is made of 3D-printed ABS plastic, printed in Stanford's Product Realization Lab. The PCB and electronics were designed using Altium, and proofed by members of the team.

For the new year, Balloonerang has many new tests planned. One goal we hope to achieve is to better understand the aerodynamic challenges posed by flying a payload in high velocity winds.
Our payload after cutdown. During this launch, we were able to keep the strings from tangling.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress and adventures to come!
The team celebrates after two successful cutdowns!