Last Thursday, February 16, a few members of SSI loaded a rocket, an optical communications transmitter, and the world-record breaking SSI-47 ValBal into a ZipCar to head to Dartmouth Middle School for their annual STEM science fair.

The Education and Outreach team had a great time discussing our current progress and goals for SSI as an organization and for the individual teams with students, parents, and teachers alike. While SSI is an organization that is constantly looking up, opportunities like these allow us to bring others along for the ride as kids in NASA shirts and former industry representatives alike join us for a brief time in exploring our shared passions.

While Dartmouth's STEM fair was a great chance for SSI to be involved with the community beyond Stanford, it also served as great practice for the booth we plan to have at the 2017 Bay Area Maker Faire from May 19-21. We hope to continue to reach out and inspire as we push further up and away from the world on the ground!

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