SSI Tours Bay Area Circuits

Last Thursday, on November 17th, a group of us made a trip out to Fremont to tour the manufacturing facility of one of our valued sponsors: Bay Area Circuits. It was really awesome to see the physical process that happens behind the scenes to allow us to send out PCB designs one day, and then receive them in the mail a few days later.


We toured pretty much the entire facility. From the solder mask LDI machine to the CNC via drill presses with 4 mil drill bits, the process that goes into these circuit boards is very interesting. My personal favorite was the PCB verification machine, which checks literally every connection on a PCB using eight moving probes.


All of us in SSI, and especially the electrical engineering students, owe BAC a huge thank you. We make a lot of PCB’s for a variety of applications, and we can always count on BAC. We gain more than just the monetary value of the sponsorship, our partnership with BAC allows us to learn more about the manufacturing process, and being in close contact with our manufacturer allows us to meet tighter deadlines. We love having our boards manufactured locally, and there’s no doubt that the relationships that some of our members form with BAC will carry on as our members graduate and enter industry. Special thanks to Ron for giving us the tour, and Brian for setting it up.