The Balloons Team has launched and recovered over 50 high altitude balloons carrying scientific payloads to over 100,000 feet. They've set the world record for latex balloon flight duration and are aiming to circumnavigate the globe.



Making aerodynamic objects propel unique payloads to high altitudes since 2013, the Rockets team has certified over 35 members of SSI for high powered rocketry. In addition to a bid for IREC 2017, the team will continue work on Project Daedalus, a series of smaller projects to increase expertise in all aspects of rocketry.



The Satellites team builds imaging and scientific CubeSats, sensors, distributed networks, and optical communication systems. They're currently working on a cubesat to test long range communication in space.



The Biology team is building devices to sustain life in space, and to use life to accomplish missions in space. They’re currently working on building a DNA synthesizer for microgravity, which will be the first device to synthesize DNA in space.



In addition to facilitating events among members, the Operations team brings speakers to Stanford and sends members to see centers of aerospace innovation. They're currently working on SSI Presents: Beyond Earth, a series of events revolving around space colonization.



The Policy team researches the legislation, market trends, history, and philosophy that has affected the development of the space industry. They're teaching a class on space policy.