The Balloons team has launched over 50 high altitude balloon science payloads to as high as 120,000 feet. They have launched a balloon from California to almost across the Atlantic Ocean and are currently working on full circumnavigation by the end of 2017.

Team Leads

Paige Brown

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Davy Ragland

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Customizing Flights

One ongoing project within the Balloons Team is HABEES, a modular payload designed to facilitate the launching of a new projects with minimized repeated production prior to launches.

High Altitude Balloons

The Balloons team launches scientific and experimental payloads into near-space using latex weather balloons. During standard flights, balloons ascend to up to 120,000 feet and travel over 200 miles for a duration of 2-5 hours.


Research Flights

The Balloons Team is continually gathering interesting data from our launches. Some research payloads have measured things like UV dispersion and solar radiation. The team plans to continue launch increasingly advanced research payloads, especially on the long duration flights that ValBal makes possible.


ValBal, short for "Valve-Ballast,” utilizes a gas venting valve and a ballast dispenser to stabilize altitude. This stability allows for long duration flights. Most recently, Valbal flew for a distance of over 5,000 miles, almost making it across the Atlantic, for a world record breaking 88 hours.

ValBal Avionics

Get involved

Join in! The team hosts workshops and onboarding projects that allow new members to gain valuable hands-on experience with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Interested in tracking our flights as they happen? Visit our High Altitude Balloon Mission Control (HABMC)

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