The Policy team seeks to foster an ongoing conversation surrounding the questions: why should we go to space, and what can policymakers, industrialists, and entrepreneurs do to achieve those goals? The Policy team researches the legislation, market trends, history, and philosophy that has affected the development of the space industry. They'll be running a student-taught class this Winter - AA 47SI.

Team Lead

Chloe Glikbarg

[email protected]

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Why Go To Space?

Our major current endeavor in this vein is a student-led course taught in the Aero/Astro Department, AA47SI: "Why Go To Space?" With guest lecturers ranging from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to Daniel Faber, the founder of Deep Space Industries, to George Nield, the FAA's Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, the class aimed to provide a diverse group of students a range of perspectives on the cutting edge of the policy landscape.