Why Rockets

Here at SSI Rockets, we believe that collegiate rocketry is one of the best ways to give anyone opportunities to pursue their interest in space. This has been our priority since the very beginning and continues to drive and focus us.

This is why in the mere 3 years of the team’s history, we’ve won two international rocketry awards, certified over 40 members in high powered rocketry, grown to become the largest project team within Stanford SSI, and are now pursuing our biggest and most ambitious projects yet.

Our Projects



Come and build your own rocket! No, seriously, the best way to learn about the exciting world of rocketry is by building, well, your own rocket! From sims, to screwing on the fin-cans and painting your own rocket, send it to over 3,000 ft and get your high-powered certification. Finally, hang up your space-faring creation in your dorm room.




Marked by the excitement of new rocketeers, Jupiter features forward-looking technologies that pushes the engineering envelope and the intimate, welcoming communities of close friends. From reefing parachutes to spinning rockets, Jupiter serves as one of the best platforms to launch members into the world of rocketry.




Olympus Mons — the tallest mountain in the solar system. We take inspiration from this Martian giant in our largest competition team. Coming off of 2 international collegiate rocketry awards, Olympus takes SSI Rockets to the next level with student developed liquid propulsion and tickets to some of the largest collegiate rocketry competitions in the world.




There’s a new space race in America, as college teams across the country work to become the first to send a rocket to the 100km Karman Line that defines the edge of space. Stanford SSI has a unique architecture to make this possible, based on the technology developed by our world record-breaking balloons team – we’re launching a rocket, named Hitchhiker, off of a balloon. As we near our demonstration flight to space, the spaceshot team is completing the final few tests. In the meanwhile, every single day, we learn something new, push our skills a little farther, and bring the teams of SSI a little closer to reaching, together, the goal that was printed on our T-shirts years ago: Let’s Go To Space.




According to Greek myths, the phoenix is a magnificent bird, famous for bursting into flames and being reborn from the ashes. Project Pheonix is Rockets’ newest competition team with the ambitious goal of launching a two-stage rocket at the FAR1030 competition. Project Phoenix is all about firsts. If successful, Phoenix will be SSI’s first two-stage rocket, and it’s SSI’s first entry into FAR1030. Larger-scale than the Jupiter projects, and more experimental than Olympus, Project Phoenix is sure to be an exciting time for everyone involved


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