Making aerodynamic objects propel unique payloads to high altitudes since 2013, the Rockets team has certified over 35 members of SSI for high powered rocketry. For the 2015-16 school year we started Project Daedalus, small group projects which we will be adding to in the upcoming 2016-17 academic year. We are also going to be submitting a bid for IREC 2017.

Team Leads


Thomas White

[email protected]

William Koski

[email protected]


Project Daedalus

Project Daedalus was started in Fall 2015 to create a suite of 4 rockets with novel technologies relevant to the field. Kythera has been building a distributed modular avionics platform. Charybdis is testing spin stabilization and a yo-yo despin. Prometheus is developing PID fin control, and Pegasus is perfecting a parafoil recovery system. After whirlwind of a year, we are looking forward to furthering the development and enhancement of these projects, as well as adding new teams to specialize in carbon fibre and two stage separation.

High and Low Powered Rocketry

Since the group started, we have had great success with our members obtaining L1, and even L2, certifications level in the HPR world. This past academic year alone we had more than 35 L1 and 6 L2 certifications. We are looking forward to increasing our design testing and experience through continuing to launch HPR rockets in the fall, and are adding more low-power launches to our schedule as well.


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