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Rockets July 16th Launch

On July 16th, 4 Rockets team members drove to the Tripoli Central California launch site for SSI's 7th rocket launch of the year. After a long day in the 100° weather, we came back with 3 completely successful flights, a new L2 certification, and one exciting semi-successful flight.

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Balloons: Year in Review

9 Launches.
19 Balloons.
Countless hours of work sessions and launch prep.
1 World Record.

It’s been an exciting second year for the Balloons team.

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Operations: A Year in Review

Starshot Presentation

The Operations team has worked hard this year in engaging students' interest in space. From volunteering at conferences to visiting advanced technology centers in the area, Operations has delved into the intricacies of space from both a technical and a policy perspective.

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Satellites: A Year in Review

The mission patch for STAR-CROSSD

The SSI Satellites Team has been working for the past two years on developing in-space optical communications technology. This year, the team has been working on terrestrial test hardware and software, high-efficiency data encoding algorithms, and mission definition for a novel in-space technology demonstration: two cubesats establishing an in-space optical link.

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Rockets: A Year in Review

The Rockets team had a great year focused on building up the team's knowledge base, delving into novel rocketry technologies, and offering numerous new members the opportunity to fly their first rockets. Here's just a few of the highlights from the year!

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